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Private, In-Home Consultations

Many times, with mild behavioral issues, I am able come to the home to help.  We sit down together and come up with a training plan specific to you and your family.  I will help you get control of the walk, and establish leadership in YOUR home.  These two things alone will work to cure most mild "issues".

Aggressive behavior can be a scary thing and separation anxiety can be very frustrating, sometimes requiring several weeks to overcome.  In most cases,  we can help give some guidance and training tools. There is also a "detox" program available for serious cases. 


**Serious aggression cases will only be accepted after it is ascertained the dog will be in an environment that will lead to a successful outcome after the training.**  Serious aggression isn't barking and bluffing, it's being quiet in an effort to sneak up on and kill something.  While most of these dogs absolutely can be helped, it should not be done indoors by anyone with small children.  They require your attention every second.

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