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Being an avid outdoorsman and animal lover, I have found great joy through the years in experiencing mother nature with, and through her four-legged friends.  It wasn't until a trip to visit my sister, and mentor, Virginia Simpson, that I found the reward that could come from helping others to  do the same with their best friends.

Virginia had, in a leap of faith, started her own dog training business.  Six years later, at the time of our visit, she was swamped.  Word had gotten out and she was in demand.  She was so busy, the only way we found to hang out was for my wife Jessica and I to ride  to work with Virginia.  I am so glad we did.  She threw us right in the mix, and in a few short weeks, what had started as a vacation, became a turning point in my life.  To witness, and be able to participate in, the building of trust between dogs and their owners was a powerful experience.

Shortly after returning home, my wife and I started up this business.  Now, as then, we do it with the goal of helping owners and their dogs become balanced, happy packs, so that they might share in and continue to build trust.

Looking ahead, my goals are to continue my education by working with other trainers to experience different techniques, and to find some land in order to rescue and foster more dogs.  Above all else I want to continue to help people and their dogs find happiness by finding balance.  Everyone has it in them to be stable leaders, and that is what every dog out there is looking for.

About the Trainer

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