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Off-Leash Adventure Programs!

Enjoy That Peaceful, Easy Feeling With Your Dog

Imagine being able to take your dog to the beach or park and having them return to you every time you call regardless of the squirrels, or birds, or other dogs.  Imagine your dog following you around their own, JOYFULLY!  We can help you enjoy your dog's company while you hike or bike or just go for a leisurely walk!


Our training sessions range from 5 to 10 days and all are great fun!  We can help your dog learn that it is much more fun to be part of a pack and follow pack-rules than to continue with rebellious behavior.  We use the dog's natural instincts to encourage appropriate behavior which has proven to be much more effective and positive for the dog.


 We will train your dog under HIGH level distractions.  Your dog's training will be reliable in real life situations without the need for treats or a quiet room!

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